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Friday, October 20, 2006

Date-Aversary IX

Nine years and a few odd days ago I went out with my best friend and her boyfriend to a place called BW3s for dinner and some beers, and to play trivia.
I met this guy working there who asked for my number, and with a big smile asked me if I had ever dated a cook. I asked him "Why, is a cook asking me out?"
We made a date for the following Wednesday to go sit in a bar and watch South Park (said bar was featuring Cheesy Poofs as bar food) the next week.
We didn't make it, we ended up having lunch on Sunday before our planned date in a Greek restaurant my cousin owned. (He picked it, I figured, hey if he's crazy I'm in a safe place).
Last night was the Nine Year anniversary of that lunch.
I got into my car with that same guy and our kids and we drove to Tarpon Springs and found a Greek restaurant to eat dinner in.
As I looked around the table at all my boys, and that guy who is now my husband and the piles of food everywhere I couldn't help but think "And this is what talking to guys in bars will get you."

Just kidding.
Happy Date-aversary baby.


frank said...

You too, Baby.

Elizabeth said...

Aww, that is so sweet! I have forgotten the exact day that my husband and I had our first date, I know it was somewhere around fourth of July. But we first met when both of our High Schools were competing at the same State Competition and we struck up a conversation in the parking lot while we waited for our respective school buses. Twenty one years later, here we are!