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Monday, September 05, 2005

Train Obsession - Gone Too Far

This evening after a very fruitful time sitting on the pot Louis looks into the toilet and said "Mom, I made two poops. Where is the other one?"
I told him I didn't know, maybe it went on down the pipe.
And he says "Maybe it coupled up with the other poop."

Yes Yes. Maybe it is on it's way to Sodor now. I'm sure Sir Topham Hat will make Good Use of it.

And if you are interested, the potty training thing is going fine but HOW THE HELL are you supposed to wipe another persons ass when they are in a standing position? Good grief.


Becky said...

I figured I would pick up enough subliminally, but no. I HAVE to watch the shows so I understand WHAT he's saying. Coupled. Ah. Maybe that's one of the things I haven't understood. And nests? Do they talk about nests? And I think he gets upset when that Topham Hat guy gets mad. He's getting over it, though, because I've made him turn it off a few times when "Thomas makes him cry." Now he's watching and says, "I'm not crying, Mommy." Grand.

What am I saying here? I feel your pain.

Gidge said...

they couple up the trains to hook them together.
they "change the points" when they throw the switches to send the train onto the siding or whatever.
Umm.......nests.....I don't know nests.

Becky said...

Dang. That means I really WILL have to watch them. Ugh.

Jenny said...

OMG. Bwahahahaha!

We made the kids do "downward dog" if we had to wipe 'em.