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Friday, September 30, 2005

Chuck E Cheese - Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter

You know, I really am not a Chuck E Cheese expert. So I sort of say that the chaos of the evening was NOT 100% my fault. First of all, I had never been except on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. I did not know that the portals of hell opened up on Thursdays to release demon spawn throughout the Chuck E Cheese universe.
Apparently, watching your children within the walls of Chuck E Cheese if a frowned upon parental activity.
But I digress.
Louis LOVES Chuck E Cheese. We had his second birthday party there last year just out of lack of ideas of where to go, and it went very nicely, the place was empty, we had pizzas, cake and ice cream and we went home with no mess to clean up.
So, we had originally planned to be in our own house this year by birthday time, and Louis had desperately wanted "a party in his own backyard". Since mommy and daddy BLEW that by not being able to AFFORD property in Tampa, we did what we felt was the next best thing, we booked Chuck E Cheese again.
From Louis's point of view, I think the evening rocked. Games, rides, pizza, kids to play with, presents.......seriously. He had a Thomas cake with an engine that went AROUND on the top of the cake. How COOL is that? But from a parenting point of view.......dear god. I kept freaking out while he was playing.....I'd lose sight of him for a second and then CRAP I'd nearly panic - WHERE IS HE? WHERE IS HE?
He climbed up in those DAMN tunnels and didn't come down forever which scared the hell out of me.....was someone hurting him up there? Was he stuck? Eventually down he came smiling and laughing.
I think the noise in the place was a little overwhelming too......how can ANY PLACE be THAT LOUD?
But after we said our goodbyes (Ian and Claudia had to leave early because those sweet babies go to bed early, and Andy left soon after - Louis was very happy to see all of them though) we packed up the car, gave Lily our tickets because we were NOT going to stand in that big line to get a plastic crappy toy and we went home. (run on sentence I know).
About 20 minutes after we got home........Miles started puking his guts out. Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and milk...........all over my beige carpet. Two hours later, Louis started puking. He started out by puking all over me in bed. Two hours later.....(right on cue) Charlie started up. I've never been so happy to see anyone get the dry heaves as I was when these kids ran out of junk to puke up.
So today we've languished in bed....plagued by 102 fevers, post puke yucky feelings.
Mommy is washing all of the bedding as everything we own was puked on at some point in the night, including all pillows and blankets. And towels. ALL towels were used in the war on puke.
I had to burn a vacation day from work to take the day off.
Tomorrow I was supposed to do the race for the cure.
I am not thinking that will work out.


Becky said...

I know I shouldn't laugh ... but, dammit, you're too funny! The Rat Palace needs an exorcism. Bad. The kids weren's spinning their heads and spewing green stuff, were they?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I can't believe you referred to Ian and Claudia as "sweet babies" after you saw Claudia's true self.

christa said...

was it overindulgence, or did someone (ahem) spit in the pizza?