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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

With Regards to Dr Zaritsky

Doctor Zaritsky, I love you.
You performed two root canals on me today.
Over five years ago I had a root canal done. I thought I was in MARATHON MAN by the time it was done. It was like the tortures of the damned. It was like some sort of cruel joke, that wasn't funny to anyone (except the dentist in Little Shop Of Horrors). And throughout it all, on the radio I had to listen to the coke-head DJ boyfriend of my roommate Jeff on a lame-ass oldies station (more torture).
So today, I went to see Doctor Zaritsky down in South Tampa. It's quite a drive from my house, really. I went with tears in my eyes, to such an extent that someone I work with offered to go with me and hold my hand (name withheld to protect the innocent). I declined and was determined to be a big girl about it.....he had assured me that the technology had improved vastly over the years and it would take approximately 20 minutes per tooth.
And although I think I trembled so hard I about went bonkers while in the chair I HAVE to admit it.
It was fine.
No worse than getting a deep filling.......I didn't feel anything, no extra shots of novacaine were required (previously, MULTIPLE shots of novacaine KEPT having to be administered and they kept NOT WORKING).
He was awesome, kept telling me what he was doing - let me know how far along he was "We're halfway done, I'm done drilling" etc...which was reassuring.
And now, It's about 5 hours later and DUDE I feel fine. I took a couple of Tylenol and I am really okay.
Last time, I swear my mom had to come all day and I missed work.
I love progress in medicine.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Hooray Dr Zaritsky !

Mister Hand said...

Damn! I may drive down there. I need a crown from a root canal that was so torturous I never got a permanent crown because I hated the guy so much by the end. How far to Tampa from Memphis?

Becky said...

Got Mapquest?