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Friday, September 16, 2005

What Happens in Vegas....Stays In Vegas

So I went to Vegas on Business with Kurt Corning who is the Supervisor of Internet where I work. He's far cooler than I - as you can see. This is an ugly big nosed showgirl (who was as wide as one of my thighs) that we met in Harrahs. The lady at Harrah's suggested we use this for our Christmas Card.
I believe this would be difficult to explain to our spouses.....


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

It would be a hard sell, plus your families would be confused.

I still love your hair.

christa said...

pamela is kind of fugly.

and yes -- hair is good!

Anonymous said...

Why is Kurt cool? 'Cause truthfully, he looks a little... hmmm. Unwashed?

computer guy, definitely! I see the nerd gene.

WHOA! I am not a nice person either, obviously. I just thought that since the mangy toothpick showgirl was getting all the heat, I'd give my usual 'Devil's Advocate' position.

Sorry Kurt, you're probably a great humanitarian and make tons more money than I do.

And I like the short hair, but of course I never saw it long.

I get that Crystal Gayle visual, though, and I'm sure it's a massive improvement.