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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More Things About Me

I keep looking at Sarah and Becky's Lists.
They have better lists than I do, and everyone is overly concerned about the food from the ground thing.
Okay, so here are some more things about me that you may or may not know......
  • I lied, I CAN carry a tune. I can also sing the alto line of most of Mozart's Requiem.
  • I have had two boyfriends named Simon.
  • I always have gotten a lot worse press than my behavior actually warranted - Ray Lewis I feel your pain.....
  • Most people think I am mean. My husband thinks I am meaner than probably anyone else he knows. Perhaps I am meanest to him.
  • I once slept with someone who sat next to me in band in college, because they leaned over and said "you smell like soap- like pink soap." Nothing in my life had ever made me feel so girly.
  • I have always regretted the way I broke up with my previous engagement.
  • I am tired all the time.
  • My favorite book is Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood. I am Elaine. If you ever really want to know me, just read the book.
  • I can never be myself when I am at work because no matter what I'm the boss and that annoys me. I like a lot of the people there and would really like to be friends. But I am not paid to be anyone's friend.
  • If I had not met Sarah and Becky I might be a stark raving lunatic by now.
  • My grandfather was mayor of the small town I grew up in. That's like being bizzaro world royalty. Everyone knows your business, and is judgmental about everything you do. It sucks.
  • We used to camp at Fort Desoto every year before we moved here. Since we moved here we never camp.
  • I like tornadoes better than Hurricanes.
  • If I were younger I would have a crapload more kids.
  • I let my kids eat candy.
  • I am definitely a Post 9/11 consumer - the "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die" sort.
  • I hope that someday people think that I am a nice person and not a mean person - but I don't know if it's actually IN me to be nice. Successful people are rarely nice.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I too can sing the alto line to most of Mozart's Requiem. We should have a concert. I'll even sight read the soprano part to make it interesting.

I feel the same way about you and Becky.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's a mini-list from me:

FUCK BEING NICE. So what if people think you're not nice. Where did nice ever get anyone? You should read 'A Widow for One Year' by John Irving. Not his best work, but the main character, Ruth, has some great thoughts on being nice that are along those lines.

Kindness to your friends and family and weirdos with no life who are anonymously emailing you - that's a different story.

I read Cat's Eye a long time ago, all I remember is the mean girls making her balance imaginary plates on her head. I had kind of given up on the story until I read that, and then I started to identify with that character in a big way. (really, you have to have read it to get this).

Last thing - I don't work for you, with you, near you, around you, but if you reward me with chenille, I'll be your best friend...

Becky said...

I don't know WHAT an alto line in that Mozart thingy is. I sing because I like to, not because I'm any good at it. I'll darn well do it until my kids realize I can't sing and then they start complaining. Then I'll STILL sing.

Nice? You're not nice? Hmm. That must make me a major bitch. But maybe that's why we drink so well together.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I have also never heard of anyone empathizing with Ray Lewis before. I am very glad I know you. You have opened my eyes.

Tim said...

You know I've known Bridgette since way bacK.

And she can sing - I remember a Saturday night when she and a friend (Laura) sang Zombie from the Cranberries at Eden night club.

And not having been (in a while) on the receiving end of her wrathful stare, she could drop the temperature in a room when she was pissed.