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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What's In YOUR Wallet?

So last Twins Club meeting Becky and I won one round of Purse Bingo. Which got me to thinking about the amazing list of crap that IS in my purse (even more amazing was the stuff on the bingo card that I do not understand why you would have......) but I thought I would have a look see to see what it IS I am hauling around.
I am a bit of a purse fiend, and while I do not have a lot of purses, I like to carry a nice one.
I am bit like Clarice Starling ....with my good bag and my cheap shoes........but I digress....

In my current Prada jewel that my hubby bought me (it's actually a black monster, it's big) I am currently toting:
  • One pseudo Louis Vuitton nail care kit
  • One receipt from walmart 12.45 - says it was for some cards (birthday) and a "4guageliner" which I do not understand what that was.
  • A check stub
  • a kleenex of dubious cleanliness
  • A money order receipt for my rent
  • A Subway dinner order written on a post it (12 inch tuna on white with swiss, green pepers, onions and tomatoes, a meatball sbu with provelone, tomatoes and peppers, a 12 inch BMT and a kids meal- turkey and cheese)
  • one of those envelope things they give you cash back in at the bank
  • a 2005 monthly calendar that I write birthdays in and then never open after January
  • My last 104k statement from ARAMARK
  • A weight watchers points tracker
  • a check stub
  • a check stub
  • a check stub
  • a strange square envelope (empty)
  • my business cards
  • a check stub
  • a check stub
  • a check stub
  • a check stub
  • a check stub
  • A copy of the HIPAA act from some random doctor's office
  • One receipt from Arbys on Waters avenue (roast beef combo with curly fries)
  • One bandaid
  • 4 more check stubs
  • a copy of my mortgage pre-approval letter
  • My Lowry park zoo family pass info
  • a check stub
  • A receipt from Starbucks(one venti coffee with cream and sugar, and a slice of lemon pound cake)
  • A black barrette
  • A receipt from Louis's pediatrician for my co-pay
  • 2 Pens, one blue one black
  • 2 antacids
  • Another bandaid
  • Receipt 30 in gas from 7-11


Don't even get me started.....

In my lipstick case

14 different lipsticks, and 4 lipglosses.

Most of which I never actually wear.

Man, I DO carry around too much stuff.


christa said...

14 lipsticks?!? are you shitting me?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'm with Christa. I don't own that much lipstick all together.

I did look in my wallet, and I still have my college id in there, complete with side ponytail photo (it was taken in 1991).

I only graduated 10 years ago.