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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I think I hate Macy's

I was kind of excited when Macy's took over Burdine's dept store here, but now I'm annoyed with them.
I was trying on shoes to replace my "oh so comfortable slip ons that go with nothing", I tried on a sassy little pair that really didn't qualify, a pair of Kenneth Cole that were extremely sparkly and jaunty - I really liked them although they too were a bit too high maintenance, and some Naturalizers that were really more in line with my shopping mission.
I just recently had my feet measured and they told me I wear a 9 1/2 M. But in all of these shoes I noticed my HEEL didn't quite fit the shoe, it hung over the sides a little bit - they looked kind of weird. They were just cut narrow or something, or my feet have fattened.
Scott even pointed it out and said I should ask if they had a wide.
So we did when the lady came back. I was pretty much set to drop down quite a bit on shoes, I probably would have bought two pair at least, and this BITCH looks at me as if I had asked her if they had shoes made out of Jews.
"Wide? No we don't carry wide, SORRY" she says condescendingly and with a tone that had suggested I had implied she might supply me with somethy OOGIE- like a dead kitten.
This is seriously the most retarded thing I have ever heard.
They sell clothes for fat people, skinny people, young people old people.
Hence the term - DEPARTMENT STORE.
Perhaps I should have asked her where the fat shoe department was.

This is reminding me of XTAs run in with, who was it, DSW? Anyway, I was so embarrassed I actually wanted to cry, isn't that stupid. It was like she was shaming me or something.

Scott saved the day on the way out and picked up a beautiful little Liz Claiborne bracelet and insisted I buy it so I did, which made me happy. He tried to get me to buy a purse too but it wsa too close to the shoe department. My fat feet felt inferior there.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You can't buy tall clothes in Ann Taylor. They suggest you pay someone to redo the hem in $120 pants. They can go f themselves. I boycott them.

christa said...

yeah, it was DSW... the only wide shoes they carry are the ugly ones. try it... walk down any aisle in DSW, find the ugliest shoe there, and i guarantee you it will be a wide.

i've been shopping almost exclusively online now: try chicwideshoes.com or zappos.com