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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Louis Armstrong And Yoda - Been Tight for Years!

My oldest was named after Louis Armstrong. My husband spends every opportunity to show him pictures of Louis Armstrong, let him listen to Louis Armstrong - point out when something is about him, or by him etc. We almost always stay at the ALL STAR MUSIC resort at Disney because of the lovely pics of Louis Armstrong and other Jazz Artists in the lobby.
Today CNN trotted out Wynton Marsalis to talk about New Orleans in the wake of Katrina (we are trotting out everyone famous who ever was from there, went there, had a friend who visited once etc - apparently) but regardless the conversation turned to Louis Armstrong and a video of Old Satchmo started being shown.
Louis runs up to the screen and says "Louie Armstrong? Louie ARMSTRONG? Mommy that guy said Louie Armstrong! I know Louis Armstrong!"
So I said "Oh you do?"
And he says "Yeah Mommy, he's in Star Wars, he's with Yoda he's got that Lightsaber and fights those bad guys."

I may never stop laughing.


Master Yoda said...

Strong with the Force, Master Armstrong is. Especially skilled in the "Jedi Puffy Cheeks" trick, he is.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Love Master Yoda I do.