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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite - a Grown Up Movie for Me?

So Scott and I had this wild idea yesterday. It might not seem wild, it might even seem like we are somewhat retarded for never having done it before....but at 2pm we said "EVERYONE is going to take a nap." Louis had gotten his Star Wars blanket finally from the MGMStar Wars Weekend even so he had it and went happily.
Suddenly Scott and I are sitting in the living room staring at each other. We weren't required to watch Children's TV. We didn't quite know what do to with our selves. So we figured out one thing to do (nudge nudge) but after we did that, we were still surprised with the sudden free time.
We chose Napoleon Dynamite.
Oh my god. I don't know if I can describe it if you haven't seen it. If a movie can be as funny as A FISH CALLED WANDA without actually ever making me laugh, than this is that movie. I can understand why some people think it's retarded or stupid, because it's very subtle.

Scott believes that the whole movie is actually about Pedro and that Napoleon is the catalyst.

I saw a "VOTE FOR PEDRO" shirt at the mall that I think both Scott and I are going to have to have.