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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sexy vs. Comfy

So we've had an impasse in my home for about the last two years. I am so tired that all I want to be is comfortable. Period. Especially in my sleepwear. I just want to be comfortable, not sweaty, and able to sleep without anything getting twisted or otherwise annoying me. I do not think that these are unreasonable demands of sleepware.
Scott on the other hand thinks that I look like a frump (he is correct, I do look like a frump) and longs for me to look sexy in bed. He wishes I slept in sexy numbers that indicated my interest in the vodee-oh-doh that the bed area is so well known for.
I on the other hand mostly want to just sleep.
But I am not a complete jerk, nor am I insensitive to the fact that I should probably make just a little effort here - I can't just let myself go all to hell and start schlepping about in housedresses like my grandma (or could I.....NO NO NO GET A GRIP) so while I was out shopping today I saw these jammies. A camisole top (low plunging spaghetti strap thing) with either shorts or these yoga pants bottoms.
I am currently lounging here at the PC sporting the lilac color (I chose the yoga pants for bottoms, long pants in bed are a thing with me). I feel like my tits are falling out all over but I think that this is the idea. And I'm still more comfortable being around the kids in THIS than in something of the more traditional lingerie sort.
He hasn't seen it yet - we'll see what he thinks.