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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bye Lo Baby Bunting

So in a lovely bit of irony or something like it - since I am exhausted beyond all reason from inventory I came home to all three kids being sick.
Last night I got to spend the 4-5 hour with Charlie.
We sat up in the chair where I spent the first two weeks of his life, sitting up and rocking him and singing lullabyes. And just like then, Charlie still doesn't fit properly into my arms. Both Miles and Lou found their spot and their way to snuggle into mommies arms very quickly as babies. Charlie can't get comfortable. He doesn't want to lay on his side, tummy or back. He wiggles, he flops, he twists and turns. I try to hold him and snuggle him but he wriggles out of that hold and turns himself around. What he wants is to lay without me holding him, against me, and suck his thumb. We found a position finally at 4:45 that suited him and he finally fell back asleep.
I had dosed him good with everything I had (I am a firm believer in dosing them to cover all bases - at 4 am I don't know what your problem is and cannot do a diagnoses) so he got some Tylenol COLD and some numzit on his gums. One or the other worked on him.
But now he's up again, poor baby I can hear him coughing.

Looks like the nebulizer will be out again for a few days.

This is not one of the Hallmark Moments of motherhood.