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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Birth Story - Appendix to part 1

Scott also attended all of the labor classes with me so that he could be my partner.
The plan was, he and my mom would both be in the room when Louis was born.
When it was ON - when suddenly I HAD to push, EVERYONE in my whole family was in the room. Pete had just brought Scott a coffee from the cafeteria and I'm saying "Get out, everyone out I have to push."
The doctors came busting in (apparently I was not speaking in the calm voice I remember, as they were not in the room at the time but HEARD me down the hall) and the nurse says "okay dad you take her left leg......."

And Scott sat down on this chair and says "I think a person should know their limitations. I need to just sit here."

So as the action occurred (which didn't take long - like 20 minutes) he just sat there, clutching his coffee cup and looking concerned. Every once in a while a nurse would say "How we doing there dad?" and he'd say "Oh I'm fine, I'm just drinking my coffee." But he wasn't - he had a death grip on that cup.

Some people are annoyed by that story - they think it's about him not helping. I think it's one of my favorite memories of him, because he was vulnerable and didn't pretend about it. He was freaked out and new he would be better off on the sideline. And he was incredibly worried but was strong enough not to completely wig out.

And regardless of who was there, it was something you just have to do on your own anyway. It was nice to be able to look over and see him there.

With his coffee.


Jack's Raging Mommy said...

They just kind of thrust my leg at Joe, he'd been planning on staying up by my head. Because that's what I told him to do. (I have issues, and that's really nasty looking)
So he did help, but I totally get just sitting there with the coffee.

pete said...

i do remeber getting him that cup of java to