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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Shop A Rama - and some Rambling

It was a Shop A Rama for me today, I am developing a shoe thing. I cleaned up on new shoes and I am here to tell you that there are some OLD shoes that are JUST GOING TO HAVE TO GO. I also picked up some clothes, nothing radical just some things that will allow me to get rid of other things.
I am really bad at getting rid of things. I keep thinking I might use them, might wear them. Especially if they are not technically WORN OUT. I am trying to correct this behavior. And will be tossing out more old stuff in a gesture of my intention to get rid of clutter.

In other random comments, I took my wee ones to the mall today mostly to let them play. Here is an open letter to all of you so called good parents out there. There is a height limit to the play areas in the malls. It's there because the play areas are designed for little folks. Folks say, under 6. ( I think that is generous, it's probably like under 4 but whatever). I don't mind my kids not getting to play because the play area is full. This is Florida in Summer and we're all looking for indoor places to let the kids run and scream. But the play area is NOT FOR YOUR 10 YEAR OLDS. It is NOT A PLACE TO DUMP OFF YOUR 8, 9 and 10 YEAR OLDS While you shop at Ann Taylor. I stood in horror watching the little ones getting bapped and bonked by the big kids jumping on the play equipment (and thus tearing it up I'm sure as they are too heavy to be on it). And then I wheeled my strollers away as my littles ones screamed and cried. I hate people, I swear. What kind of a jerk are you people anyway?

Okay I'm over that.

One last thought. T.O. is a beyotch and I hope he enjoys his life in the land of great players with bad attitudes. I'm sure Keyshawn will be there with a WELCOME BASKET.