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Monday, August 29, 2005

I don't want to get off on a rant here.........but

  • Does Raspberry Ice Crystal Lite stain? GOD YES IT DOES. OH MY GOD. I dropped a cup off the side of the computer desk and WHAMMO we just bought this carpet.
  • Ask me how awesome my son looks wearing the Barbie Magic Pegasus Dream (or whatever it is) necklace that came with his happy meal. Truly great. He should wear it while he serves tea. I asked for a BOY TOY you twits.
  • I just got done playing almost every game we own with Louis. The fact that I am now requiring him to somewhat follow the rules seems to make them less appealing. Previously we were just trying to teach to take turns. Now I make him roll the dice or whatever and move the appropriate spaces. This seems to annoy him. The best part of playing games with dice is that when he rolls he says "Baby needs a new pair of shoes" which apparently his father taught him. It's a scream. This evening we played CANDYLAND, THE THOMAS TUNNELS AND TRESTLES GAME, and THE DISNEYLAND MONORAIL GAME. I am brain dead.
  • I have learned that passing a stone is NOT like giving birth, but still hurts in it's own very special hideous way.
  • And in other comments, what the hell is wrong with people that they JUST decided to leave New Orleans on Sunday? Has everyone not known that the hurricane was coming for a week? I mean, people, I knew the hurricane was coming. Been watching it for OVER a week praying it didn't make an easterly turn and wipe out Tampa Bay. I understand, people are poor, people don't have cars but CHRIST everyone knows someone. Even street people know someone. You wouldn't get groceries if you didn't know someone, right? Even the meals on wheels lady is someone. Call someone, get help. No one should have been in that town when that thing hit. It's annoying and retarded. I suppose in a very cruel fashion it's Social Darwinism at work, wiping out the weak, the poor and those without the mental faculty to direct them OUT of harms way. Seems like it just shouldn't happen here.


Becky said...

You crack me up. Not always an easy thing to do. Or ... would that be Big Easy?

DH does not do games. So you know that means I will get to do them all. Which of course means ... WE HAVE NONE. I'm holding off as long as possible. And don't you dare get any ideas in your head for the kid's birthday ... or I'll get yours a princess outfit.

Gidge said...

There is a game board in your future. What if I get something in Norwegian? Isn't he OBLIGATED to play, then?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

See this is where the twins will come in handy. We can make them play with each other. Now all you have to do is wait for your little ones to get big enough to play the Thomas game with your big kid.