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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sic Semper Tyrannis

IZZY hit me with a Meme and if I had anything relevant to say I wouldn't do it but I'm just out here putzing around today, screwing up my sidebar and all......so I thought I'd do it.
Five ODD Things About Me:

  • I love Lima Beans. Love them. I think that they are completely delicious.
  • I hate the sound of anyone whistling who is not a perfect whistler - who is whistling a SONG/TUNE. If you are whistling random sounds, I might smack you one.
  • My first and middle name = 13 letters. Because my parents met on the 13th fo February. They consider 13 to be a lucky number for our family. (Happy Date-aversary Mom and Dad)
  • I think the Millenium Falcon is a sexier spaceship than the Enterprise (that was for you Kristine)
  • I think that red roses suck and that roses of other colors rule. Any other color.

Hmmm, out of spite I should Tag others.....and say that you will be cursed with bad luck for seven years if you don't also post a Meme....that's what we do on the net, right? Oh wait this isn't an good luck email.......never mind.

Regardless..........tagged are The Queen, Sarah, Becky, Wendy and KAJ if they want to play.

If they don't, Bill Gates won't send a free copy of Windows Vista to their house, though.


Becky said...

Odd things about me. Only five?

qofs said...

no kidding.

can I just make it a 100 things about me thing?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Now at least I know why Becky was asking what your middle name was.

Her Bad Mother said...

Lima beans, mmm. Han Solo, MMMMM.