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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh, is that SO Mr Hawking?

I like it when I GET why things are stupid right off the bat. The husband was giggling at this little bit of stupidity and handed it off to me. It's from our Community Monthly Newsletter where they try to include lots of terribly interesting things. And recipes, don't forget recipes.
I guess being interesting and being correct are not always the same thing.

The Universe - eh? The ENTIRE Universe. Our sun, is the center?
I also ran down an interesting list of HOW YOU GOT HERE......well maybe only mildly interesting, but in the past two weeks or so some of you Googled this stuff and wound up here.

* Travis Tritt Favorite Social Club - Yeah I don't know.....we're not close.
* Slave with Large Penis on Rome - Man I am STILL getting the love from the people at Penis size links dot com. Love ya - smooches!
* When I run my hips hurt - stop running. It works for me.
* Sonny BBQ WW Points - First of all, just forget it. It's Sonny's. Secondly - you can find anything you need to know at Dottie's. Dottie rocks the house on WW points.
* Sailfin Dragon for Sale - YES - you want one of these. They are cuddly and good with children and are excellent at cleaning up your house. Okay, none of that is true. But it you like exotic lizards I actually do KNOW a guy. Go buy a lizard from him. Or two.
* Bear Bryant Brownies taste awful - are they actually MADE out of Bear Bryant?

And then in other news, I've grown a tail.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Your tail is creepy. I bet you could get on "Montel" with a tail like that.

Frank said...

Hey Bunny, she said, "Montel". Wah, ha, ha!!!!!!!! No, you people don't understand and you never will. Family joke, very crude. Not lady-like at all.

Laura said...

I hate to tell you this, but you've had that tail for quite a while. I remember it from the old days . . .