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Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Swag

My hubby is usually Mr King of Surprises. That's MR King to you.

He's very good at remembering something little I've mentioned that I thought was cute or cool - or me reminiscing about something from the past that I wanted and making sure that I get it, especially on romantic holidays like Valentine's day.

So you can imagine my surprise this Valentine's Day when he let me pick out my own present. Not like him - not like him at all.

But, just like him - he let me pick out my hearts desire - which - being a material girl living in a material world was.........

Ahhhh COACH. How do I love thee?

Not quite as much as the hubby.
He did pull out a surprise though, and got me a new super cool briefcase and had these delivered.......

The kids made out alright too.......there was lots of love going around - including some for big bird.
The oldest got a GC for the Teddy Bear Factory and he and Mommy had a date at the mall to adopt a bear. I'm not sure that Big Bird counts as a BEAR but whatever. The lady asked him if he had named him and Lil Satchmo looks at her like she is crazy and said "Ummm, he already HAS a name, his name is BIG BIRD!"

No duh!

The little guys got some valentines love in some books and a cool learning toy that Daddy found at the Discovery Channel Store. Is that the coolest store or WHAT?

And just so you don't think we left him out, Daddy got a DVD of Harold and Maude which is a movie he really loves, and a CD of Yo La Tengo because I had read about them and thought they sounded interesting and the CD title cracked me up - "I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU AND I WILL BEAT YOUR ASS".
That says VALENTINE'S DAY - right?


Table4Five said...

What a great guy your husband is! I'm swooning over that Coach bag. Sounds like you all had a great Valentine's Day.