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Monday, February 12, 2007

My Best Valentine Date

After 10 years of Valentine's Dates, it's really difficult to pin down which ONE was the best. My husband is pretty good at doing something romantic, something spontaneous and making sure that it's a girly day for me. I always would get roses sent to the office, and pretty different colored roses - not boring old red ones. Roses that thought went into.
But one of my truly favorite Valentine's memories was from when we still lived in Kentucky. I woke up for work, stumbled into the shower - realizing that he had just recently come to bed. After my shower I put on my robe to walk down stairs and when I got to the head of the stairs, I saw little Post It notes going down the steps. Each one had a red lipstick smooch on it. I picked them up as I went down the steps - and followed them to the kitchen were there was a card and flowers for me. He had left the romantic holiday channel playing music for me on the stereo - in short, he'd started my busy, hectic day with a huge swoosh of sweet, silly romance.
I went back up stairs to him and he was half sitting up in bed, with the covers pulled up to his nose.
I said something like "Oh honey......that was so sweet" when he dropped the covers, revealing his RED LIPSTICK SMEARED lips and face and says "I can't get this red lipstick off - it stained my skin!"

I still crack up if I think about it too much. It was hilarious.

They recently found this picture in an archaelogical dig. This couple had been buried together for 5000 years. To me, it is one of the nicest things I have ever seen. This is love. It isn't presents or chocolates or sex. It's this. Love.


Christa said...

thanks for posting that photo... i'd heard of the discovery, but hadn't seen the image. it's lovely.