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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Fountain of Reliving Your Youth

Friday Night Kristine and I trekked our butts to St Petersburg Fla to see the LEMONHEADS at the State Theater. It said it was an ALL AGES show so we went prepared to be old enough to be everyone's mother or at least MUCH OLDER sister. We were pleasantly surprised. The show was pretty much full of our contemporaries and then some people who were REMARKABLY older than us . One of our favorite dudes at the show was BEEPERMAN and I wish one of us had taken our cameras, I'd have gotten a snap. No lie, this guy was wearing a beeper and a cell phone - when the beeper would go off - he'd snap open the PHONE to illuminate the beeper.
It had been quite a while since I had been to a show in a club like that, I've been to concerts but shows in clubs always have their crazy interactions - it's intimate, people seem to drink more, so you actually get people talking to you more than you do at regular BIG concert venues.
This exchange took place in the ladies room.
I am in line, there is another lady in line with me, we're both 30something grownups in our somewhat alt.com attire (okay, we're wearing black, leave us alone we're getting old) and we're waiting for one of three stalls in the cramped little ladies room.
This seriously drunk, over made up 20 something comes busting in (did I say it was small in there?) and announces "My friend left her Prada bag in here."
I say "Okay. Did you look in the stalls?"
20something says "Yes, but I wanted to tell you guys. It's a Prada, bag, you know. A PRADA bag."
Lady in line looks at me, then her.
Says nothing.
20something says "She's freaking out. It's a PRADA Bag. It's full of credit cards and money."
I say "okay well, we're keep an eye out."
20something says "She left it in here like a half our ago. It's a PRADA bag."
I say "Yeah, we know PRADA - if we see it, we'll let you know."
Lady in line finally says "How about if we find it we give it to the bartender?"
20something says "Oh thank you!" and leaves.
We stare at each other. I say "That purse is GONE!" She says "Oh my god, I almost wish I had stolen it now, I hear it was a PRADA bag......."

The show was really good, although Evan Dando did seem BORED OUT OF HIS MIND playing their hits. Which was sort of sad - let's face it, if it weren't for their hits, a lot of those people wouldn't have been there. Hey Evan - at least pretend not to be bored playing the stuff that made us love you, okay? Their new stuff was pretty good as well, very enjoyable although it sounded like THE LEMONHEADS - nothing new or really different.

The opening act was a band called VIETNAM. When they came on stage we said "Man, I didn't know Charlie had a band." Why? Because their lead singer looked like THIS.

They were okay. They didn't play any BEATLES so we felt safe.
After the show we braved the wilds of downtown St Pete (it's a little MADMAX down there) and found an open diner and feasted on a variety of appetizers (she loved the fried rueben balls- I liked the fried biscuits). While we were there a guy came over and chatted us up until he discovered we were married - at which point he promptly walked away. Because he was totally going to score up till that point - I'm sure. As we walked back to our cars a guy came up to us and asked us if we'd like to F his brother. He assured us he was very good looking. We told him not now, maybe later, which seemed to satisfy him.

We should've taken our cameras, there were so many crazy photo ops throughout the evening. Mostly I wish I'd have gotten a photo of us out on the town reliving our youth. If I'd have taken it - we'd have looked something like this.


Anonymous said...

You didn't want to fuck his brother?

What are you? Too good for brothers of random weirdos?

I'm embarrassed to say that fried ruben balls sound really good.