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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Football Family's Dream Comes True

Football is important in this house. When we were dating my husband used to tell people that he loved me because I understood football. We are both die-hard Colts fans, from back in the day. Back in the "Here comes our new football team (that we just stole from Baltimore) in MAYFLOWER MOVING TRUCKS" day. From back when the Colts were a joke, and everyone went from being happy to having Season Tickets for the new football team to giving them away because they sucked so much. From back when it was the HOOSIER DOME, not the RCA DOME.
We're fans. And if we had owned those season tickets we'd have never missed a game.
So when we added the tiny humans to the equation, it was uncertain how having them about would change our football life.
Our pregnancies all started around Football. It first occurred to me that I might be pregnant with Lil Sachmo at our Superbowl Party. February 3 2002, New England Patriots Vs. St Louis Rams. We were having a small party, a few good friends over, the husband was slaving away making wonderful foods and milling around with our guests when it hit me.......I hadn't felt good for days. What if? What if? I nursed one beer all night, feeling nervous and not wanting to drink.
When my water broke that September morning, one of the first things I noted was that my son had politely chosen to arrive on a BYE week - so that Mommy and Daddy didn't have to miss any of the COLTS Action. I jokingly told this to the OB on duty, whom I had never met, and immediately loved her when she said back "Yeah, well my Vikings aren't doing anything worth watching today either - so we're both in luck."
A year later I was sitting in a Beef O' Brady's with my then 1 year old and husband, and complaining about my upcoming Gyno appt with my new doctor. I had poured a beer and told him I hated how they always hassle you when you don't know when your last period was. And I started thinking. And thinking. And thinking. And the husband started thinking.
And I ordered a coke.
The following April, two little monsters called Baby Birdman and Baby Birth of Cool joined the football brigade.
By now we've usually had to tell the joke when people have to hassle us about the Colts getting knocked out of the playoffs......."Well, you know what all good Colts fans say this time of year? GO PACERS!"

Not this year.

This year the five of us will have the TV on all day and as a family will watch our team, the team around which this family really started, play in the Superbowl.

It may be one of the best things I'll ever see on Tv.



Becky said...

I can't believe I'm saying this. ... Go. Colts. Yeah.