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Monday, February 05, 2007

Hell is frozen and all that.........

I don't appreciate all of you twerps googling "Hell is frozen over, the COLTS WON THE SUPERBOWL."

Unless you were looking for that joke. Which you should already have known, as it's an old joke.

I like to believe that you weren't actually SEARCHING THE WEB for information as to whether or not hell had actually frozen over. Because clearly you would've needed just to go over to Weather.com and put in zipcode 666. Dorks.

Here is a lovely shot from Franklin College in my Hometown of Franklin Indiana. Old Ben here gets painted for various sporting events and holidays, but this is the first time I've ever seen him decorated as a specific person.

At our house, Baby Birdman had too many apps and applejuice. He was partied out EARLY dude.

*** - as an interesting postscript and just ONE more example of how the Web makes the world a creepier and smaller place, I picked that photo of Ben Franklin painted up as Manning off the web......turns out my SISTER IN LAW took it.


Anonymous said...

That boy just caa't take the partying.

Her Bad Mother said...

Toooo funny. A pic to keep for future embarassment.

April Brandon said...

I took the picture of Ben...as Peyton..didn't I??? I LOVED the game! It was totally awesome, and for the first time this winter, there is a chance that hell is freezing over...at least in this part of the country. It was -12 here at 3 am.

Devra said...

There is a statue in Colorado Springs of a guy riding a anatomically correct male horse. The graduating class of the Air Force Academy would paint that horse's testicles with their class color. The year my husband graduated from USAFA the poor horse blue balls.