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Monday, February 05, 2007

Just to Show that There Is Love for Chicago

You know that I'm a Colts Fan, I bleed Blue and White and all that crap. But, had the Colts not been the AFC champions (as we are oh so accustomed to) I would've been jumping up and down and screaming for the Bears.
Because before we had the Colts in Indy - we had the Bears to watch. So for a lot of Hoosiers this Superbowl was a WIN-WIN - ONE of the teams you grew up with was going to win, and although it was going to be sweet if it was the Colts, you could love the Bears if they won too.

Just to prove that my love for the Bears is real, and not patronizing I'm re-posting a photo that I put on Draft Day Suit last year. This is Lil Sachmo at about 6 months old with........

WILLIAM "THE REFRIGERATOR" PERRY. He was appearing at a local BIG ASS FANS opening and I scooped up my infant son and ran over on my lunch hour to make sure that I didn't miss an opportunity to introduce my boy to a LEGEND - and to get a TOO cute picture.

So Chicago, be proud.


I think I'm still in SHOCK.