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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Harry Connick Jr.....prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Becky and I trooped out to see Harry Connick Jr.

If you haven't ever seen him - I highly recommend seeing his show. He's a quadruple threat - he can compose, he can arrange, he can conduct and he can perform. If you like him at all, seeing him in concert will make you just love him.

Because - on top of his talent and skill - he's just a cutie patootie.

On our way in to the theater we scoped out the buses - looking for signs of life in the form of New Orleans born cuties but came up short. We went inside and I had a glass of what they claimed was chardonnay before the show. At that point our plan was to tell Devra that we "rushed the limo" because she's a big fan and we thought that it would make her jealous.

I was completely prepared to BACK UP that story except that the night was even better than that. For you see, after the show, Becky says "let's go around and check out the buses again."

I was okay with that - not really much of a chance of seeing anything but roadies or members of the band, but okay. But when we got around to the back of the theater, there were about 30 people hanging around outside the gate. So we hung out, a little apart - to see what has happening. Initially our hope was just to get a snap as he left in the bus, he's a pretty down to earth guy - we were hoping he'd wave goodbye out the bus window as he left.
Here you see an adult woman hanging on a fence - waiting for a glimpse of Harry Connick Jr.
Then a manager type person came out and called that everyone in the party needed to form a line - that everyone would get to meet Harry and get an autograph.

We decided that we were in the party.

We stood in line like teenagers giggling with the 50somethings behind us about what we were going to say that wouldn't sound retarded. After all, when someone is practically a virtuoso it's probably nearly brain-dead of you to go up and drool, or giggle like you're 16 when in fact you are almost 40. And - it's a little disrespectful. We weren't there because he was cute, we were there because of the music - because of his talent and skill and how amazing it is every time you see him perform.
I considered pulling out the time honored "I Loved Your Show - it was much better than CATS" but on the off chance he didn't GET the reference, well - there I would go sounding like a goon. So when I got my chance to get an autograph and say hello, I thanked him for coming out to see all of us. In turn he flashed that famous smile and said thank you for coming to see HIM.


I'm sorry. I can't help it.

We considered asking him to say hello to Sarah on the cell phone - as she is terrified of him - but they were being a bit strict with the contact. And no photos were allowed. (sad). But we did get autographs and a few seconds with a legend.

I'll let you Becky tell you what she said over at her place.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Why is no one else scared of him?

Becky said...

Oh my gawd. Is that drool on my chin?

Kemp said...

Most excellent...

I saw him once here in Chicago. He performed at Taste of Chicago wayyyyy back when. Congrats...

I suppose we'll have to wait until Becky stops drooling before she posts her side?

Devra said...

I am going to rent a double header of Hope Floats and Memphis Belle. I think you need immersion therapy.

I was so happy to know my blogmigos had seen Harry. I am just wild about Harry. I want him to be wild about me. *sigh*