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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Weight Watchers - They're WATCHING YOU!

Weight Watchers loss 1.8!
That's almost like 2 pounds. It's a miracle since I almsot ate my way through Disney World again. I love the food there. I love the way it smells, I love the way it looks. Even the bad food. I believe that if I did get down to my goal weight
that I would still be a big old fat girl at heart. It's got to be genetic because I could just eat and eat and eat.
On a totally different subject, I walk every day, at least one mile, around our building at work. It takes three laps to make one mile, and it takes me about 15 minutes to do one mile. Where I work is right next to one of the airport final approach fields (with all of the lights and stuff) so there is a lot of wildlife as it's "business park" + protected land. It gets VERY WILD KINGDOM around there some days. We see all sorts of weird bugs and animals romping about doing their thing on their way to the protected land by the airport. But the last two days I have been seeing something that is sort of weirding me out.
Flattened Frogs.
Now, these frogs are on the walking path. This path isn't a thoroughfare to the parking lot or anything, no one uses it BUT the walkers. So - is someone out there walking and STEPPING on frogs? What a dickheaded thing to do.....if that is the case. I can't understand how else it is happening. I'm not exactly watching the ground like a hawk or anything, but I do notice animals on the path - I have SEEN frogs and managed not to squish them. I don't understand just killing a little frog like that. Or if someone is not doing that, then WHAT is happening to these frogs? Aliens coming down and squshing frogs as some sort of experiment?
Some BIG animal using the path at night for exercise and squishing frogs without regard?
I'm a bit surprised and weirded out by the whole thing.
Perhaps there is a frog disease that causes them to die going around, and they flatness is just normal decay.
It's all very troubling.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Maybe the frogs are falling out of the airplanes. Did you even consider that?