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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Moms + Manicures....why bother?

Seriously, I just got a manicure and a pedicure on Friday night, and while my nails on my feet are lovely, my fingernails are TRASHED. They look like SH*T. Most of the damage occurred while I was prying my kids in and out of their car seats. I mean dear god WHY does that have to be such and ordeal that it pops the polish off of my nails? IS it so much to ask, to be a mom and have manicured nails? I could get the fakies, acrylics or some other such thing, but that requires upkeep that isn't negotiable. At least I can take the polish off and not look crazy. It's next to impossible to find time to do my nails at home anyway so getting them done elsewhere is usually my own option, but now I'm thinking that spending the money is just an absolute waste of cash. I should just have them do the feet and save the 10 bucks.

In other news I saw an Endodontist today (oh my what a cutie) and need like 3 friggin root canals. I am not amused.


Unknown said...

i feel for you on the root canals. much love pete