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Thursday, June 09, 2005

PACKED - it's a miracle

After much consternation over which cute stuff my kids are going to wear, I am PACKED for Disney World. This is some sort of record, I am usually up till 2am doing laundry because I realize that the outfits I WANTED are not clean. Louis has new Thomas shirts to wear but the twins had a lot of new clothes that I want to trot out. I relish being able to dress them alike. It's so silly, but I LOVE It. I know that eventually they will thwart me, and refuse to dress alike but for now THEY ARE MINE and I will make them as cute as I like.
So I have to work all day tomorrow, most of my day will involve trying to talk to people about the new timeclock system and how to get paid appropriately - THAT should be fun. And about their idle time - the amount of time that they screw off on the phones is now going to be quite a serious issue. So I get to be THE MAN tomorrow. I am pretty sure I will lose some cool points for that but whatever, I don't get paid to be cool, I get paid to be THE MAN.
I don't really understand why people don't get that they have to work while they are at work. I mean really, is this THAT big of a point of confusion? Did we advertise some sort of party when we ran that ad in the paper? I'm not really sure, but I do know that despite a better comp package that has been put into place, there will be whining about their idle time and the requirements.
Oh well.
Let the games begin. After a day of that junk, I will be OFF to Disney World.
I will be keeping a count of how many foreigners accost me to praise my fertility, blessedness at being given to many sons ETC. I doubt I will ever be able to top the lady who made her daughter hold my hand for good luck........THAT was the best.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Work at work? That is just crazy talk.

christa said...

one of my co-workers (whom everyone dislikes) went running to the boss a few days ago, complaining that we were all too friendly with each other. "they should be co-workers, and not friends," he said.

god forbid we HAVE A LITTLE FUN at this place that keeps us captive 40 hours a week.