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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday Morning Rain is Falling

I had thought I would sneak out of bed to journal by myself in the peace and quiet this morning. This is no small feat since when I woke up at 8am we were all sleeping in the master bedroom, like we are pioneers or something. But I did manage to wiggle out from between Scott and Louis, sneak off and make a pot of coffee. However, the cracking of my knees (they pop a lot especially when I wake up) woke up Charlie. But I seem to have him happily watching Miffy right now - so I may get some journal time after all.
I have a tons of projects to get done in no particular order, but I'd like to tackle ALL of them today.....I have no real hope of that, but I'd like to. My projects are:
  • Clean out my makeup dresser and throw everything out that is more than 6 months old (yes I have a whole dresser devoted to grooming items)
  • Clean out my dresser drawers futher and donate to the homeless the old clothes
  • Rotate kids clothes, Louis clothes 18-24 months go to the babies, clean out their dresser of everything 6-9 and under and put it all in boxes.
  • Go through boxed baby clothes and sort out all gender neutral items for Matt and April
  • Box up stuff for Matt and April, Mail it.
  • Box up stuff for my mom - mail it. I have a ton of presents and things for her.
  • Box up stuff for Laura - including her very old housewarming present.
  • Do Laundry

I have no real hope of getting half of that done. I can't do it while everyone is asleep because they are IN the room I need to work in. I can't do it once they get up because once they are up, my day is spent with them.

I need them all go TO somewhere, without me.

4 days till vacation. We're going WHERE? DISNEY WORLD!