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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Star Wars Weekend - GEEK FEST

So we did the big STAR WARS WEEKEND at MGM STUDIOS. Man it was rainy and MISERABLE. You have NEVER seen so many wet Jedis. Or is it Jedi? I think it is Jedi. It's hard to look cool and in character when you are soaking WET. But we did get rockin Star Wars Weekend T Shirts. (Okay, yes, I AM that big of a geek). My kids on the other hand thought that whole MGM scene was a drag and screamed and cried like RAVING LUNATICS most of the day. They had fun the first day at Magic Kingdom but really, MGM and EPCOT were like these scenes from a movie where you're watching the characters and every move they make is the wrong one. Such as "We'll go to dinner at Brown Derby for guaranteed seating at FANTASMIC" - and then you $150 dinner is a nightmare because your kids scream and cry and horrify the other diners all night. And then you go to FANTASMIC because your two year old likes Dragons lately, but then you realize he only likes the fun cartoon dragons who sing and dance, not the DEVIL SOUL SUCKING DRAGONS of Fantasmic.
Yeah, THAT was a good idea.
It was like watching someone elses demon children - only they were mine - and I HAVE TO TAKE THEM HOME WITH ME WHETHER I WANT TO OR NOT.
And well, despite the fact that the weekend was wet due to Tropical Storm Arlene, and the kids were MONSTERS of the WORST SORT, it's still fun to take your kids to Disney.

Even when they are bad.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I am still terrified to take my demon children to Disney. Hell, sometimes it scares me to take them to the grocery store.

christa said...

maybe it's "jedii"

gabe said...

i believe it would be "a gaggle of jed"