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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I owe apologies to many. Many. Many. I owe apologies to all the diners at the Brown Derby at MGM who were trying to enjoy their dates - and their nouveau cuisine, only to have to listen to the shrieking of my children. To the breakfasting families at the Perkins - who again had to listen to the shrieking of my children. To the dining couples at MEXICO at Epcot, who also had to listen to the shrieking of my children. Children shrieking and thrashing and sobbing are not the appropriate background music to a fine Perkins breakfast, nor do they set the mood at that nice Mexican restaurant at Epcot. There is a lovely AZTEC Pyramid, there is a volcano, there is a river, and then.......there are Charlie and Miles McNeal - terrorists of the first order.
The problem is, here in this house, we follow a bit of a Reagan Doctrine (despite being quite liberal) and that is this.
We do not negotiate with terrorists.
This policy has a dual effect. It forces my offspring, after months of conditioning, to behave properly out in public. Louis is a good example of this policy working. He goes out to dinner, eats his meal with pretty much no drama. The twins, however, are in their learning curve. I think they believe that they can tag team us into submission. They are wrong, but the downside to our policy is that despite all logic WE WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE THEM OUT WHICH WILL CAUSE HAVOC WHEREVER WE GO. The havoc will end, and we'll have THREE children who know how to act in public - but the next 3-6 months may be complete drama on the eating out front.
I pity those diners who do have the sense to flee when we arrive.
And this SHOULD be a link to a picture of Louis as Han Solo!


FishermansDaughter said...

Just surfed in randomly and can't leave before commenting Members Only jackets are so old they're new again and all the rage with the kids in San Fran, CA. see?


PS I really like your blog - I'm a mommy too and see myself in practically every line...except I swear a lot more
Have fun in Disney! ;)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I am laughing out loud. I am also fairly liberal, and I tell Claudia that "I do not negotiate with terrorists" almost every time she throws a temper tantrum.

christa said...

this blog is the best form of birth control EVER. :-)