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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Return from the Land of Corn

I can't believe I gained a pound.
Wait, yes I can. I was at home for 4 days eating whatever I pleased........hmph.
Back on track today. Only dipped like 2 points into the old flex today. Very good.

Well we had a blast of a trip home to Indy to see the folks and go to Matt and April's baby shower. The list of fun activities that we got to experience were (and in no order)
  • The Children's Museum of Indianapolis with the Memmers
  • Visiting with Tim and Justin
  • Seeing the Train Yard where Uncle Matt works and a freight engine at full speed flying away
  • Going to the Fire Station to see all the fire trucks
  • Going to the Pizza King station to eat dinner - the train brings around your drinks on these cool train cars
  • Having a cook out and pool party at Carols

Pretty much a little kid's dream - it was a really big time. Plus my folks picked up a little paddling pool for their back yard. We nearly went through a whole pack of swimmers we were in and out of that thing so much. And it was so great to see Matt and April. April's tummy is getting so big - I can hardly wait to see my sweet baby niece. It's so weird because for so many years I was so much older than Matt - but now it's like we're the same age - married with kids. I'm so happy about it though - because Matt has always meant so much to me. We were both kids for a while, even though I was older. Then I was AGES older than him for the longest - really. It's like he was this person I loved so much it hurt - but I just didn't know him anymore.

And now that's all changed and I'm so happy about it because I missed him a lot. Somewhere in my mind he's still the little blonde who used to sneak into my bed at night because he was scared, and who would run screeching into my room "Santa was here- Santa was here" not realizing that I had been up till 2 helping Mom put together whatever godforsaken toy it was he was so overjoyed about.

And so anyway, all sniveling sobby stuff aside.......it was great to go home (but where did all the pollution come from?) and now I'm back to my own home, and it feels even better to be here.

I suppose that's what it means to be a grown up.