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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ode to a 19inch Magnavox

I am whacked out tired. Louis and I did the big Fathers day thing last night - all Lou's planning. He told Scott "you need to leave", which was hilarious. Lou is so subtle. We baked a cake, all the kids had baths, we wrapped presents(Lou picked out the wrapping paper - MADAGASCAR THEME) and I did a load of laundry. In the midst of this madness MY TV DIED.
We knew it was going - it had a green spot on one corner of the screen so that anything over there had a lovely greenish tinge. And then this week when you turned it on the screen would scramble and roll - like we were trying to watch PPV porn without paying for it - for about 10 minutes before NOGGIN or SESAME STREET would actually come on.
Something like less than 5% of Americans only have one TV. We only had one TV - this little 19 inch TV that used to be Laura's bedroom TV. I traded her the living room furniture for it. It was really a great deal, I think, because I've had it since 1998 with no problem. It moved to Broad Ripple, then to KY then to FLA with us without much incident. But these things are DESIGNED to be replaced. I wonder what one does with an old dead TV? It's probably fixable and I'm far too much of a consumer to pursue that avenue......I want NEW. I should see if Salvation Army or AMVETs takes such things - then maybe it would do some good.
Only 4 days till I fly home to Indy to see my family! I cannot WAIT!


FishermansDaughter said...

Hey Sistah Gidge
Thanks for droppin in on my blog and leaving your thoughtful, supportivecomments*Warmfuzzy* "SWEET!" Someone left a comment!!!" Right you are, it wouldn't be public if input didn't mattert, so please feel and be free with any future opinions. Tell your friends! LOL See how it is? One note and I'm instantly a glutonous blog attention whore. smile Now in the kinda freaky "oh mah gad" coincidental category, I'd previously read your blog and also had thoughts of joint beveraging only I didn't leave you a note and my drinks weren't coffee. What are the odds?! This Mutha is feeling your pain at the 19" Magnavox passage and wanting to know more about you living in fla

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

10 minutes is a looooong time to wait for Noggin with three kids. I hope you got a new TV (or ran away from home).

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Also (and since your e-mailbox is always full), my Papal name is John Paul III.