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Saturday, June 04, 2005

No More Shtraw Shtraw

So I promised Louis that we'd watch movies and bake a cake tonight. He has been begging me for OVER a week to bake a shtraw shtraw cake - his word for strawberry. So I picked up a cake mix the other night so we could. After work I went to get my nails done because I had a crazy day and wanted to relax before my night of mom duty. Louis is quite the baker, so when I got home and we got dinner over with he was READY to go, was telling me to get the sugar and the flour and the rolling pin (in his world, all things are made with sugar and flour and rolling pins) and as we're talking and making our cake I SUDDENLY realized something.
He has quit saying shtraw shtraw.
I said "what kind of cake is this Lou?" and he says "STWABEWWY!"

Man. That was like his last baby word.

I seems like a stupid thing to be sad about, but I really was sort of sad that he had figured out that word, even though I told him he did a GREAT job of saying that big word.


pete said...

thats what happens when he has a mom thats a great teacher..soon you'll be like matt and april and have to spell things out so he dose not understand

April said...

We have to spell things in code now....hunter is becoming quite the lil speller. He's learning many new words....lol. Watch out when even spelling words doesn't work any more....