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Monday, November 23, 2015

This Is Better

I woke up this morning with various complaints. My eyes were crusted shut. My left arm was basically asleep from being held wonky under and around a five year old who was tucked beside me so I could listen to her breathe (she's sick). My throat felt like a desert of fire. I was exhausted from having also woken up repeatedly to listen to the sounds of terrible coughing from the next room, to evaluate and worry - how sick are they? Who was that? My sinuses ached and throbbed, and as I slipped out of bed I realized something surprising.

I felt better.

Gone is the shaking weakness, the incredible aching, the fever, the overall feeling of doom settled over me has faded.

Oh god I'm better thank you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not WELL. But I have moved into some different phase of sick and that means it's passing and I did it without antibiotics (always a win).

Now my children are heartily sick - the girl has been sick all along, probably patient zero, and I have energy to worry about them. I have a terrible feeling they're about to spend Thanksgiving break sick as dogs.

Poor kids.

Now I need to go face the scale and see what damage I did while sick. Pretty sure it was intense.