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Saturday, November 28, 2015

And Then They're All Sick

It's breathing treatments and cold medicine and lounging about for this crew. We have had many conversations about how it's too many weekends without activity, we haven't done enough, everyone is stir crazy.

Now everyone has a fever, a cough that sounds like the plague and a general malaise.

It sucks when they're all sick. My  husband has been in bed all day in a pool of sweat. I feel for him having been there recently myself. So I've watched movies, braided the hair of some my little pony and dried the tears that occurred when Tianna's head broke off.
She bought the Tianna doll (am I spelling that right? I have no idea) with her own money at the dollar store so I'm not sure if that's the reason for her sorrow or it's just being sick.

She sobbed. "SHE'S DEAD SHE'S DEAD" she sobbed. She also mentioned that she's blind now. I'm unsure if that's in addition to being dead or instead of.

I need to work out but ache from yesterday and can't remember the conventional wisdom of aching, do I work out more to stretch out the aches or do I not because the muscles need to rest. I don't really care I'm sort of thinking about pie.

Pie is damn good.

Today is fascinating at our house. Unfortunately that's how it is most of the time. Full of snot, poop and very little adventure.

This glimpse into a not so exciting day was brought to you at the expense of Princess Tianna. May she rest in peace.