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Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Time to Stop

I wonder how those Duggar people do it really. I suppose that they aren't actually all that involved in all of their kids activities, there's almost no way they could be. I feel like with four we never stop. I guess when you harness older kids into slave labor of caring for their siblings then that gets you off the hook for the frontline parenting.

Clearly I'm doing this wrong.

We went back to our elementary school and got to enjoy another sub-par Thanksgiving dinner. Julia however thought that it was the best thing EVER that we were there and I suppose it really was. I couldn't help but remember the first time she was there as an infant and how her brother pushed her up and down the aisles in the cafeteria, showing off HIS baby. Now it is her turn to be the one who goes through the line and gets food, she shows us how to do it and introduces US to everyone she sees.

We have apparently completely quit dressing up like Pilgrims and American Indians for Thanksgiving at school. While I can see perhaps it's appropriate to not dress up like American Indians for fear of being perceived as not PC, (or actually not being culturally sensitive etc) WHY CAN'T WE HAVE PILGRIMS. Really you invited me to Thanksgiving dinner and didn't even so much as have pilgrims? Rip off. Also there was NO TURKEY! The ham was delicious but seriously - no pilgrims and no turkey?

Dude, that was just school lunch with table cloths.

But it meant the world to her, so it was worth it, even if that WAS the worst cranberry jelly ever.

Also on the need to do list was purchase shoes, so off to the mall. And then since at the mall HEY CAROUSEL.  Mom always said that the entire story of my children's lives could be told by the carousels that they have ridden.
To me that sounds perfect actually.

To end up our week soccer wound up with it's last game and we all went out to watch the girl kick the ball and do a great job.

Despite the fact that they don't officially keep score, she and her little team creamed their opponents every game this season. The fact that they all seem to be about a year older probably helped. A lot.

That's not even everything we did in the past few days. No wonder I fall asleep like the dead every night.

God Bless Caffeine.

Now It's 8:20 on a Sunday morning and I've got a ton of things to accomplish and 1200 miles in front of me. My therapist was right, I never slow down. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It's just a thing.