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Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Hate Being Sick Part Two

It was my hope that a solid night's sleep would change my world. A solid night's sleep was not mine for the having.
Around 3 am I realized my cough had transitioned from tight.dry and painful in the throat to deep, wet and rattling. My sinuses began to burn and ache, and the sinus draining and filling from one side to the other kept waking me up. By the way, apparently if your sinuses drain and fill based on the side you are laying on you have a deviated septum. I learned this when I got mine fixed about oh, 25 years ago. Apparently it's grown back deviated. They warned me it would happen so I'm excited about that.

At around 5 am I staggered down the stairs in search of medicine for me and Julia, who had crawled into my bed with her own wet, rattling horror show of a cough. Two contacs were consumed and I got her inhaler and had her  breathe in & sent her back to her own bed so I could be sick in peace.

Of course at 7 am Charlie decided I had to get up.

Contac nuit formula working full strength makes you feel like your sinuses are a desert and your head is the size of a giant boulder. It also makes you lethargic and slow. I'm four cups of coffee in and I'm still combating my lack of hand-eye coordination. However I managed to feed the smallest offspring and got the oldest boy to agree to bus the dishes so I could return upstairs.

I don't know if I want to go to sleep or what I want. My throat hurts, my body hurts, my ears ache, my sinuses hurt, my teeth hurt, everything is bad. My goal today is simply to remain in my pajamas and only sit at the computer, on the sofa, or lay in bed. Possibly to lay on the sofa. These are my lofty goals.

I can't actually imagine performing more activity than that.

I just had the butteriest toast in the world because I couldn't quite scrape off the butter properly and decided fuck it, and because I realized my body needed some sort of fuel or my blood sugar was gonna go wonky. So I consumed it, not even groaning at the carbs. Who cares? NO ONE.

Being sick derails every single thing I hoped to accomplish this weekend and I'm so frustrated. I'm trying hard to be at peace and focus on getting better, I'd like to get better without having to go to the doctor but it's not looking good. I'm thinking of things like chicken soup, and orange juice, and other things that are supposed to make you better. Zinc, that's one right?

That being said, it might be time for a lie down.

I wonder which of these work? Maybe I need to do them all. Assuming it's a cold....and spice tea? WHICH SPICE?