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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Meaningless and Awesome

We got out early this morning for breakfast at a new place and it was a hit. Biscuits, hash browns and all the breakfast staples made us all feel a bit like we were not so poorly and I admit it was just good to get out of the house.

Shortly after all of our deliciousness was consumed it was back to the house, however, because breathing treatments and rest is still on order for this crew. We're "better" we're not completely well. I was up about 2 am with Miles giving another breathing treatment and at this point it's him I'm most concerned about. However at the moment he's behind me singing and reading a book, that seems like a good sign.

I invoked a reasonable semblance of order in my living room while the husband went to watch the Colts play and felt like a proper, responsible, together adult.  It was right about the time I moved the box that a small blue ball with Foghorn Leghorn rolled out from behind it.

My mom bought that ball.

My mom bought that ball in Tampa at the new Walmart that opened shortly after we moved there. She saw it on an end cap display and giggled as she picked it up, doing her best Foghorn Leghorn impression and cackling at herself. "I love Foghorn Leghorn" she grinned at me and bought it for Louis.

Two things came to my mind, my mom vibrant and beautiful in stupid Walmart on Gunn Highway in Tampa (is that the name of that road?), and my mom laying in bed, the living skeleton she had become at the end of her life. She was still mom inside that shell. But the contrast of both of those images sent me to the other room to compose myself for a moment.

It's not the worst I've felt, but it gave me pause, that little blue ball with a stupid rooster on it. I hope I never forget that moment, it was silly and it was fun. Meaningless but awesome all at the same time.

To round out our day after Daddy came home from watching football we fired up the Playstation and I convinced the boy that YES his sister CAN play if he just teaches her.
She's Darth Vader. Right after this, she killed him.

That's my girl

Today's theme, is meaningless and awesome. It was a good day for it, living it and remembering it.