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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nice People Are Nice

A couple of months ago, we were at a Gwinnett Braves game  and while we were up in the suite a REALLY nice lady came up and offered us and the only other family in the suite tickets to an Atlanta Braves game. I had been a couple of times with my friend Chuck but had always wanted to take my family there, it's an Atlanta institution - and I definitely wanted them to see Turner Field. You can't live in Atlanta without rooting for the Braves even when they suck. We said thank you and YES and a few weeks later we connected to make it happen.
Baseball games are fun but weird things for us. Having to constantly watch the little ones in so much of a crowd can be hectic. I think getting food was the most harrying part. But then, we grabbed our food and headed to our seats.
The end result is snacks and treats of the kind that little people like, and who am I kidding - big people like them too. I mean, ball park hot dogs are the best thing ever.
Baseball is a weird bonding experience. Louis has never played but he likes to go. And the crazy antics they do to keep the kids entertained is both absurd and fun.
So Julia and Louis remembered that the love each other and laughed through most the game as much as they cheered. The twins didn't fuss, and there were treats and music enough to keep them happy too.
It was a bit challenging changing the twins in the hot ass bathrooms at Turner Field. Like omg sweat pouring down my face and having to having them step out of their shoes onto the floor (thank god they were clean floors thank you thank you) because these bigger pullups do not have tear away sides you HAVE to take off your shoes. You become very aware of floor cleanliness when your kids have to put their socked feet on that floor. But we managed and I didn't pass out from heat stroke so that's a plus.

We had such a great time I am so grateful for the gift of the tickets. It was a great day together as a family. And, my son got the hat of our people - which is obviously very important.