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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Some Days Have More Costumes

We made the trek across town to the twins club fall party which was featured bbq this time (yay for living in the South). Louis chose to be Muldoon from Jurassic Park, his current obsession. He's going to be going around yelling SHOOOOT HER!! SHOOOOT HER !!! I can see it now. 
 There was a bounce house for everyone and although the twins were the biggest boys in it, they were also the happiest boys in it. It's kind of hard, more than hard, because although they are big ten year old boys, they still very little boys. Bounce houses are still amazing to them, they're just the biggest very little boys inside.

 The bounce house featured a slide which a brave 4 year old ventured onto without fear.
 The twins are Ninja Turtles and I was kind of excited that they GOT IT this year. They knew we were dressing up in costumes for fun,and were willing to put them on. Not so much the masks, but at least I managed one pictured. Charlie was sort of unamused by it. But he didn't freak out and that's also a win.
 We had a Costume Parade complete with treats along the path which was a perfect practice run for Halloween in two weeks. I think all four of them are ready for the main event.
 Julia made a little friend who at first I think she was annoying, but then finally the little girl realized that Julia was ENAMORED of her, she had on an ELSA costume you see and well isn't that all you need to know? After the parade, they compared loot.
 The party was at a park, and obviously next to the bounce house, being able to play on the playground was a huge attraction. Luckily Muldoon doesn't feel obliged to hunt Ninja Turtles.

 I wish I had an action shot of the FURY with which she rode this thing. I was cracking up - ROCKING IT WITH RAGE. It must've been a lot of fun.

 I always love things that make Charlie so happy. He's my little guy who would rather spin a string than play with toys, so all opportunities when he gets to play and does so are great. He was playing with his siblings and bouncing, laughing like crazy in the bounce house.
We should get a bounce house. If I ever build a house, I'm definitely putting one in.

After a full and fun time at the Fall Party, Julia had soccer and so we sat in the hot sun but cold wind while she played.
She's the blonde whirlwind on the field. Well the blonde.......goofball.

We sent Louis to a trunk or treat event with his friend's youth group at a nearby UMC and he got to work and help out the trick or treaters. He had a great time and I think he got a much needed break from the chaos of our house for a few hours.

I think it was a much needed break even in the middle of a busy fun day. This life is loud and chaotic.

But it's ours.