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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Then I Got Older

I had my birthday a couple of days ago, and so now I'm 46. Being 46 feels sort of random. It's no a milestone age of any sort. There's 16 when you can drive, and 18 when you can vote, and 21 when you can drink. There's 30 when your life is over, and 40 when your life is even MORE over. After that is 41 when you realize your life is NOT over in fact life is pretty darn good. You're finally there, the age when people take you seriously and this adult business is finally ON.

46 though is sort of the NEUTRAL GOOD of aging. I don't feel old by any means. It's not youthening either, I don't feel like 46 is the new 26, as when I was 26 I had a rocking hairstyle modeled after one Linda Evangelista was wearing in the Freedom Video and well frankly, now my hair is clean on a good day and that's about it. I'm actually pretty ok with that.

So this is my take on being one year older.

I'm old enough to know what I need, even if I'm never sure what I want. I know that I have everything I need and that I'm lucky enough to have more than I would ever ask for. When asked what I want for my birthday I couldn't think of anything. It's not that I wouldn't like things, I like stuff as much as the next person. Stuff is good.

Maybe I've lost the ability to covet. Hannibal Lecter would be disappointed I know.

It's sort of comfortable being 46.

I would happily do another 46 I think. In fact I think I'll shoot for that.

But just to make sure you don't think I've gone into some zen "no gifts" zone, and to remind you that I haven't matured at all...I did get THIS.

I also got an amazing gift that is priceless, a book compiled by many of my friends which is a compilation of Juliaisms. You can see it here. It's amazing and beautiful, and I have to say, I'm always in awe of the little person that she is.

Now, time to start the next 46.