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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Praise The Lard and King Kong Bundy

Our Aunties came over to visit and have dinner Friday, so we headed to our favorite local BBQ joint, Praise the Lard. The place is a riot, WWE (WWF) themed, plus Jesus themed, it's full of kitsch and roadside YOU ARE GOING TO HELL type of signs. Like this.
I thought there was just the one anti-christ. Am I remembering this story wrong? Regardless, I was so glad our aunties came to visit. Julia is always so excited to see them, and we don't get a lot of visitors so the Aunties coming through a couple of times a year as they travel the corridor between Indiana and Florida is always a treat.
When you live really far from your family, even little visits mean the world. It's something you take for granted when they live close, but when they are far away, even just getting to see them for an hour is such a treat, it's hard to explain how much it means if you don't live it. I've always had a very close family though, so it probably explains why for me it's so important.
There is just something so comforting about the bonds of our own tribe. You know these people, they're yours. You don't have to explain yourself, they know you. My Aunt Suzie was the ONLY person my mom would let hold me, and babysit me, after I was born.

It's like coming home, only home came to me.