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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Songs of Mommyhood

The day he was born, I went to McDonald's on my way to the hospital. No lie I did. So we started out his twelfth birthday at the McDonald's near us. We listened to opera and enjoyed their new ultra modern decor. It almost felt like we weren't eating at McDonald's at all.

Watching him while he ate, and listening to him prattle on endlessly about the video game he didn't know he was getting later in that day, it occurred to me that it's only been 12 years since I've changed who I was. Twelve years ago I was pretty deeply into the NOW WHAT stage of being a MOM.
Everything changes when you are a Mom. For instance, music.

There is so much now that is LOU music to me. For instance, while Scott Stapp may be one of Sarah and my favorite jokes of a human, he had this stupid song that was popular while I was pregnant and I would cry my eyes out every time it came on.
To this day I will sing my lungs out when that song comes on. JUDGE ME I DON'T CARE.
Also this one.
Because I was pregnant when this was huge too. And I was marking time every day - worried that it wouldn't work out, as they'd said they didn't think we could have children. (Joke's on THEM eh?).

Then there are songs that are more about him than me, such as this one that he would sway and sing all the time when he was one and two. We actually bought him the CD he loved it so much. Now of course he thinks we're crazy when we tell him this.

Shortly after he loved Kelly Clarkson, he also loved THE SCISSOR SISTERS and would say to us "Play Lou's song Take You Mama Out !"
Yeah, odd choice for a two year old but he loved that song.

Then school events get you as a parent, and for his first assembly, listening to all the little faces sing this one now means I cry when I hear it, remembering how little and cute they all were.
Seriously yes, Miley Cyrus can make me cry.
I will say it's improved over the years. There are less songs I have to cry to. In fact, he's been known to say "Can we listen to some KISS? I want to rock." These words are reassuring.

But 12 years later, some very silly songs have the power to bring me to sobbing, snot faced tears. All because of a little boy they told me I would never have.
It's worth crying over stupid songs.

It's worth every minute of it.