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Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Made These Humans

We were watching The Goldbergs last night, which is one of my favorite new shows btw, and Beverly (the mom) gets a tshirt made with her kids faces on it. She loudly declares "I made these people, I made them with my own body." She's proud. BEHOLD THE WONDER OF HER FAMILY.

I laughed. But I get it. I feel like that every day. Look at these toes I made. Look at this smile, I made this person, LOOK AT THOSE FEET. Even if it's just biology and hey even one cell organisms can reproduce, I bet if they were sentient they'd say "OH MY GOSH LOOK WHAT I JUST SPLIT INTO ! NOW THERE ARE TWO OF ME !"

I feel even more amazed this week after my pap smear. I've known for years that I had a bicornuate uterus, meaning it was heart shaped and has a bit of a septum. It's not like an egg shaped perfectly for growing humans. When I was pregnant with Julia, my doctor was VERY concerned about my ability to carry her to term and was shocked I had ever carried to term much less twins.

I saw him again this week for my annual (ooops which had been over two years) and he was looking through my chart, and told me that when we did my ablation, he had noted that my uterus has a very pronounced septum. His exact words were "No medical book would say you could carry children at all, it's amazing that you have four children. It should be impossible."

Behold, the wonder of my family. I made them with my own body.