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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Renaissance And Meats Of Various Sorts

Our annual Mother's Day tradition is to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival which is awesome and fun, and completely really NOT about the Renaissance and more about, oh hell I don't even know. Costumes, and fairy magic? We went late this year, but better late than never because I LOVE the Renn Faire.
The Centurion who popped by the meat vendor is probably proof that being period relevant isn't a requirement. Which is ok with me. Rather, it's sort of like multiple worlds and universes collide outdoors and there are shops and food and dancing and fun, so who cares?
There are also large hunks of meat, we had the spicy and the teriyaki - the Renaissance was known for it's love of teriyaki obviously. It was pretty damn good but I think my teeth hurt from chewing it.
It's usually about as hot as the surface of the sun when we go, so the frozen lemonade is the thing that keeps us from melting and praying for death. This year though it was in the low 80s with a breeze, a really perfect temperature for being outside and just putzing about.
There are lots of rides and activities for the kids though, which is mainly why we go. They love it, I honestly don't think Charlie had such a happy day in months. He laughed and giggled all day, and the others were even happier than that. 
We always choose something weird and random to eat, this year we had the chocolate covered bacon which is served cold - this seems odd to me but it was really good regardless.
I think chocolate sauce could be served as BACON DIPPING SAUCE like caramel is APPLE DIPPING SAUCE. Indulge your inner and outer fattie, I say.

We have a family tradition that to end our day we ALWAYS take a photo here in this spot. Yes - at the portopotties. It just started out that way and now it's a think. EVERY year. It makes me laugh every single time. This year we got a pirate to take our picture.
And to my amusement, the one who had a ride ....was the one who conked out first.
It's tiring, being the baby.

It was possibly, all things considered, one of my favorite Mother's day celebrations ever, even if it was late.