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Monday, May 13, 2013

Adventure Awaits

We've had passes to the Atlanta History Center for almost a year and since there were a few things we hadn't managed to do yet, we decided it was a perfect day on Saturday to scoot down to Buckhead to check it out and see what we hadn't experienced yet.
There is a beautiful mansion on the property called the SWAN HOUSE that we got to tour, we couldn't take pics inside so I grabbed them off the Atlanta History Center's Flickr acct and made a collage. It was a fairly impressive house, the family apparently made a lot of money off of cotton and a new company called Coca cola.
Interior Shots of the SWAN HOUSE at the Atlanta History Center

I have to admit, it was pretty impressive. Not the sort of place you lounge about in your tee shirt and panties while surfing the web but hey, you gotta make sacrifices to get to the top I guess.
Near the house is a rock quarry garden that my oldest boy has always wanted to explore. How could we let the passes expire without climbing down to check it out?

So down we went. It looked really steep from above but wasn't at all. It was a really cool nature walk once we were down there.
There were bullfrogs singing at us that it took us a while to find. 

I have do admit I wasn't all that keen on the Atlanta History Center when we first started going but it's really amazing and full of so much to learn, every time we went I really enjoyed it. I will miss belonging but it's one of those places that once you've seen the permanent exhibits, you've SEEN it. There is usually just one travelling exhibition and eh, there are so many  museums in Atlanta. It's time to move on to another one.
The Garden

I am really glad we made this one last trip on a warm spring day.

I can't wait to see where we end up with annual passes to this year.