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Friday, May 10, 2013

So I'm Thirsty

I've mentioned it before, but as I sit here and I'd like a beverage, it's annoying me.

I'm always thirsty. Not thirsty in an omg my mouth is so dry I might die, kind of way. More in a, I am unable to have a glass of any sort of beverage beside me because one of three children will immediately drink it or scream and carry on until they are allowed to do so.

Long ago, I gave up having a beverage.

Someone visited once, and I served beers in the late afternoon like normal adults might. But no, there was such a freak out over the beverages and how the twins needed those beers that it was pointless. Plus it was embarrassing.

I'd like a glass of cheap fruity wine right now. Not good wine. Cheap, purple wine from the grocery store that is icy cold. Full on midwestern America palate is what I have, and I make no apologies. But, that's not coming until at least midnight and by then I'll be too tired so it will remain in the fridge.

It's not like they don't HAVE something to drink. We always make sure they have water, and we refill it whenever asked. But they can have a full cup of icy cold water but whatever it is I have, or their father has, is suddenly the most sought after beverage ever.

In my mind, every time they steal a drink I hear them saying "MMM That IS a Tasty Beverage!"

So you know, obviously I don't mess with them.