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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boy Scout Camping

The oldest boy went on his first Boy Scout overnight to kick off Memorial Day weekend. He practiced making eggs for weeks, on the weekends, so that he could make them over the fire. The trip was cancelled a week ago, because of very bad weather, and I think I never saw such a sad boy. To say he was EXCITED to go might be an understatement. 

I could barely get him to stop, turn around, and let me take his picture. He's saying "Can I go?" through clenched teeth right here. 

The other boys had found a dead snake you see. He couldn't miss that.
So off he went. Away from me, and into the great outdoors, even if just for the night. I hear there were s'mores and playing with dead snakes and no air mattresses. 

Sounds like ten year old boy heaven.