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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Double The Birthdays

My big twin boys turned nine this week. With their sister having a birthday just ten days earlier there was a lot of Chuck E Cheese and kid related fun to be be had two weekends in a row. Watching them turn nine was a little sad, because chronology doesn't not tell you anything about how mature they are. It's just how many years they've been alive. 
But despite a bit of motherly wistfulness, their birthday was greeted with kisses and excitement and joy. Birthdays are happy days. Even if they don't quite get WHAT a birthday is, they do understand that when we say it's birthdays there will be presents and cake.

They don't like cake but whatever.
One of the bus drivers drew the Minion card as a gift and there were books and gifts that made them both smile and giggle. Plus there were balloons. Who doesn't like balloons?

Sometimes exciting things happen, as we celebrate the three birthdays in April. They're things you might not even notice - but a little boy painting his name at the painting activity is a big deal at our house.

So Happy Birthday Miles and Charlie. I hope your day was special, and you always know that we love you. 

Even if you are never the age you actually are.