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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Talking To Charlie

People will ask me, trying to engage me about the twins, "What do they like? What do they think abou this or that? Are they excited about this or that?" Those questions are really hard to answer.

You know how you know your toddler likes something, how they show interest in it? That's how we know what they like. They don't say "Wow this is great I want this." They just, show interest. Or scream if you take it away.

I decided that since most people think autistics are the RainMan (I wish), I might take some time to show you short examples of what auitsm is like at our house.

We had a bath last night, and after ward we were up in the computer room/play room. Charlie and I had a short conversation about what he wanted to watch on TV.

This is an example of a very full conversation with my 9 year old son.
Talking To Charlie

That's it. That's as informative and talkative as it gets. And this is REALLY good. It's calm, he's kind of happy.

But that's just it. Is it what you thought?

No. It isn't what I thought either.